A complete range of Motorcycle Protection Kits supplying to customers in Japan & Europe.
  • Carbon Steel Welded Tubes: Fe360/TL2364
  • Steel Bolt & Nut: STEEL 8.8/LT2377 or S45C/JIS/G4051
  • Vulcalized Rubber: M120-80/TL2014
  • Stamping
  • CNC tube bending
  • Robot Welding
  • ED painting
  • Assembly
Technical requirement
  • Weldline cutting check
  • ED painting that must be passed 500 hours of Salt-spaying test.
  • Electrolytic coatings of Nickel-Chromium and Copper-Nickel- Chromium on metallic materials to assure a good resistance to corrosion; no porosity, no dent, no rags, no welding defects, no cracks, etc… that must be passed CORRODKOTE TEST ≥ 9 with type of coating Fe Ni 30 d Cr mc B.